Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hey, welcome to the blog! It's gonna be a fantastic year in AP Art History! An incredible journey chronicling the history of the world through art. It involves politics, drama, religion, battles, personal realtionships, geography, intrigue and much more!!Sounds like a reality show! Nah, it's way better! It also involves lotsa reading, note-taking and dedication, and if you're up to that it also involves a lotta fun!!

It's gonna be a busy first week - we'll be getting into the basics of art history: what art historians wonder about, how we talk about art and more! Plus, you're getting your personal edition of "Gardner's Art Through the Ages" AND Stokstad's "Art History", our two totally artsome textbooks. They're heavy!

Remember to return those contact cards and forms by week's end, it's for a grade. Also,don't forget that your Art Criticism research HW is due Friday, and Chap.1 notes (it's a short chapter) are due Monday.

Secret APAH Question is:In architectural drawings what is a 'plan'?

Art 2D

Here we go!! It's gonna be a great year in Art 2D Comprehensive!! I know you guys will be creating some incredible art and we'll learn a lot about some really cool famous artists and lots of different kinds of art this year.

Don't forget to get your sketchbooks soon, they sell out fast!

This week we're learning about some of the basics of art: the Elements of Art. Plus, we'll actually be starting to do some drawing!!

This week's secret ArtWord is: "line". If you know it in class when I ask you might win a valuable prize!!